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Despite his winged, serpentine form, Wyvern is no friend of the Wyrm. Instead, he is one of the Wyrm’s most implacable foes. He often appears as a herald of war, bringing news of a major confrontation with the forces of the Wyrm. He drives all Garou, and those who follow him in particular to give everything toward the defeat of corruption and often counsels the use of trickery and ambush in combat. Wyvern’s anger and viciousness make him an attractive totem for young, angry Fangs, looking to win Renown in battle with the forces of the Wyrm.


Followers of Wyvern gain +2 Alertness, +2 Primal-Urge, and the Gifts: Sight from Beyond and Call of the Wyld to share between the pack.


The sight of defiled caerns distresses Wyvern greatly. His followers must protect any caern if asked for assistance, even if one of the Fera holds it. Wyvern’s children must not participate in the “rescuing” of a caern from other shapeshifters and most stop such a theft occurring, should they learn of it.

Source: Silver Fangs Tribebook Rev

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