The Wits Attribute describes your character's ability to react quickly and correctly in pressing or stressful situations. It indicates her overall sharpness of mind and cleverness. A character with a low Wits rating, like the veritable "deer in the headlights," may be easily caught off-guard, tricked or surprised. Those with a high Wits rating are seldom waylaid by sudden changes.

  • Specialties: Clear-Headed, Clever, Insults, One Step Ahead, Survival

• Poor: gullible, dull-witted, absent-minded, easily distracted

•• Average: slow, lagging, sluggish, lackadaisical

••• Good: flexible, reactionary, impulsive, quick

•••• Exceptional: shrewd, direct, extemporaneous, sharp

••••• Outstanding: instinctive, spontaneous, immediate, pre-emptive

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