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There are three powerful wind spirits who often aid us; they reward their children well. First, there is Negakfok, Cold Weather, who lowers the temperature in winter (and anytime he desires). Then there is Tomanik, the Wind Maker, who causes the winds to blow; the six directions then take his winds and tame them. When these two are together, they often summon O’ha’a, the Ice-Clad, who brings with him ice storms of terrible strength: Few can withstand them, but those who do are purified; if they are evil, they will die, freezing painfully – all their joints will cry out in terror as they cease moving. Those who are frozen in such a way have little hope to survive until a thaw, for Great Wendigo himself will sniff them out and come eat their hearts.


A pack member may call upon the Gift: Chill of the Early Frost. In addition, the manitous grant their children +1 to both Stamina and Survival.


Pack members may not seek shelter from a winter storm until they have suffered at least one Health Level of damage from the cold (frostbite).

Source: Wendigo Tribebook 1st ed

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