What we need done on the Wiki:

  • Fill in all the Rites
  • Add missing Shifter Gifts
    • Bastet Gifts should be complete - books used: Bastet Breedbook, Player's Guide to Changing Breeds
    • Garou Gifts should be completed from most core sources - books used include: 1st/2nd ed Werewolf Player's Guides, Player's Guide to Garou, 2nd/3rd ed WWtA Corebooks, a bit from Croatan Song for a couple Uktena/Wendigo gifts.
      • Left to do are sorting Gifts into Garou Camps article pages.
  • Add write-ups for the Traditions/etc in Category:Mages (started)
  • Add missing Category:Numina
  • Update Global Commands
  • Uniform page title system (i.e. Make all the gifts "Gift: Blar" rather than just "Blar")
    • Clear out residual redirects (staff will need to do this)
  • Finish Templating the Sheet Tables (a la Template:Garou Sheet)
  • Pretty much everything in Category:Article stubs
  • Fill out Crossover Rules.
  • Update House Rules to reflect the myriad Wiki changes since that page was written.
  • Add a Gnosis chart to clarify specifically what the upper levels of Gnosisdom represent.
    • Add a Rage chart for the same purpose.
  • Set up a Category:Logs/Category:Player Logs/Category:Scene Logs? Which seems the best to folks? The idea being that people create a Log: Log Name Here style page and put it in the Category. Maybe with identifiers in the title so that the category sorts them, I dunno.
    • Formatting logs can get tricky in-wiki, just as a note.
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