Courage is a universal role-play trait that allows characters to stand in the face of fear or daunting adversity (and for Vampires, this is regardless of the Path they follow). It is bravery, mettle and stoicism combined. A character with high Courage meets her fears head-on, while a character of lesser Courage may flee in terror. A GM may choose to apply a roll to a character's Courage score instead of a character's Willpower score where applicable. Also, Courage factors into the difficulty of many rolls when faced with fear effects, and GMs may call for Courage rolls to see if a character must spend Willpower to overcome fear and perform a particular action.

Role-play Downside: People with high Courage tend to be impulsive and adventurous. They have little use for fear, and so may be one of the first people to throw themselves into the fray... even if the odds are wholly not in their favor. Other statistics such as Self Control, Willpower, Intelligence, Wits, appropriate Knowledges, and so on can mitigate this a little.

  • Note: Kindred/Vampires use the Courage Virtue when faced with circumstances they endemically dread: fire, sunlight, True Faith (see Rötschrek).
  1. Timid
  2. Normal
  3. Bold
  4. Resolute
  5. Heroic
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