The Nightclub Utopia (@tel #369) Edit

From techno to heavy metal to rock, Utopia plays it all. The theme varies from night to night, and there's often a section of the night in which a live band plays. The club has two stories, both of which have bars for your drinking pleasure. The bottom floor contains the large dance floor, while the top has many of the VIP rooms, which are available for special occasions or individuals at the right price. Food is also available at the club, and seating areas are available throughout.

Neutral Territory? Edit

The club is owned by a vampire, Natasha Larson, who took the place over after the previous owner, her sire, was killed. Those who know her, particularly what Natasha is, may know that she prefers to think of her club as neutral territory. As such, she has low tolerance for any fights that take place on her turf. This is even more true if she wasn't a part of the fight! At least have the courtesy of letting the Brujah in on any action.

Fun Facts Edit

  • No garlic is served in any of the dishes at Utopia.
  • Hours are from 5:00PM to 2:00AM
  • Randy, the Head of Security, is usually wearing a shirt with some amusing saying on it.
  • One of the walls in a VIP room is filled with titles of songs that were banned or censored at some time or place.
  • Under 21? You're still welcome! Just no alcohol for you.