She is also sometimes this.

On DF, ThreeBlades is also known as Marahute. The name comes from a character in the Disney film, The Rescuers Down Under.

Currently on staff as Story/Plot Wizard in the 1st degree, she is responsible for:
- Keeping plots organized
- Keeping plots running relatively on time
- Keeping plots Sane (*eyes Luna*)
- Keeping wizzen types updated with plotstuff
- Approval of plot apps

Areas of Expertise Edit

- Werewolf/Garou stuff
- Shifter/Fera stuff (albeit Ananasi, Ratkin, Nagah, Nuwisha are not as specialized)


Player Characters (PCs)Edit

Trudy RiddleEdit

A Tilau (rank 3) Qualmi (werelynx). Raised by con-artists and mentored by one of the most enigmatic bastards in the world according to her, she is currently in Crystal Springs for some R&R. Or, so one would have supposed. Recently having had run-ins with some of the Garou, she's discovered some curious history about the area along with those in it. And, like any good feline, must pursue those mysteries to their end.

Shuga LumpkinEdit

A Grump of an Unseelie Troll, Shuga pretty much breezed into town on his motorcycle looking for a dive. He found instead a tavern, and a freehold with Fae at that. Given the decent catches he's found for employment opportunities (including but not limited to being security at a number of hangouts), the guy sticks around on account of there being booze, brawling, and yes even some babes.

Wyatt EverettEdit

A Stargazer Galliard Cub whose current concerns in how to keep his human parental units off the scent of werewolves in their midst, hot to keep up with his homework and projects while learning how to save the world, and what to write in the next chapters of his Epic Fanfic of Life As A Teenage Werewolf. He's got a Destiny, however, that is going to prove to be so much more...

Non-Player Characters (NPCs) & ExtrasEdit

Jeffrey Fedorov, Shadow Lord Kinfolk who breezes in and out of town mostly to mentor Kennedy in the ways of her Numina, but also to torment her husband a bit. Maybe.
Eric Mason, Crystal Springs Police Department's senior officer and detective. He's been on a few big cases of late that have really struck some odd nerves.
Unlisted Fail-Stalker of Jocelyn Reynard-Wellington, a man (possibly known to some as a Garou) who is awfully fail at stalking Jo, but awfully win at finding Jo again no matter how much she manages to elude him.

Future Character IdeasEdit

- "Boomer"
- MOAR Mokole?
- Dare I attempt to fathom... Mage?

Things To Do Edit

- Organize detailed list of current plots
- Watch and add to Current Plots page if necessary
- Write up future plot proposals
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