Background Cost: 7Edit

The great spirit that carries the earth on his back, Turtle is the very definition of honor and steadfastness. He is gentle and sturdy, and encourages his children to defend first and attack second.

When the Croatan sacrifice themselves to the last to banish Eater-of-Souls, Turtle falls into a great depression and withdraws from Gaia’s spirit hierarchy, refusing to act as totem to packs any longer. It’s said that he will return just before the final battle of the Apocalypse, but none know the truth of this legend.


Turtle teaches his children the Gift: Turtle Body. In addition, each pack member gains a point of Stamina (even if this would take them above 5). The pack may draw on an additional five points of Willpower per story. Croatan will also look favorably on Turtle’s packs.


Turtle is very concerned with the honor of his children. He will withdraw his favor from any child who loses permanent Honor, or who refuses to stand and struggle to defend her land.

Source: Croatan Song