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Cruel and sinister, Tsetse Fly is the implacable mistress of vengeance. Once angered, she will not rest until her foe is slain. Her bite is virtually impossible to defend against, and she prefers to strike when a foe least suspects. Striders following Tsetse Fly are relentless foes, nurturing thousands of years of frustration and anger into a simmering stew of Rage, then lashing out from the shadows.


Striders following Tsetse Fly gain Medicine at 2 and can put the “mojo” on their enemies. They must truly hate the enemy (i.e. must spend at least five Rage points against him), must have a piece of his body or personal effect, and must make a Manipulation + Intimidation roll (difficulty of the opponent’s Willpower). Success inflicts the mojo curse on the foe; all the foe’s Dice Pools are halved for a duration of one night per success scored. A botch turns the mojo against the caster for a night. A mojo may only be cast on a given foe once per year (Tsetse Fly expects her followers to take advantage of a weakened enemy!).

Additionally, because Tsetse Fly is seen as an unclean totem, followers of Tsetse Fly subtract one point from any temporary Honor rewards they gain.


Followers of Tsetse Fly must always gain revenge against their enemies.

Source: Silent Striders Tribebook 1st ed

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