Background Cost: 6Edit

Thunderbird is one of the greatest totems, a powerful spirit whose battles against wicked creatures are legendary. Some say that Thunderbird has no real body -- that he is a being of thundercloud with sharp claws and lightning flashing from where his eyes would be.


Thunderbird's children each gain Intimidation 1 and Survival 1. They can call on an extra five Willpower points per story, and often find allies among the Wendigo and even Pumonca. In desperate times, Thunderbird might strike a pack's foes with lightning--but he dislikes having to intercede on his children's behalf in this fashion, and will always demand a quest or boon as repayment.


Thunderbird detests cowardice and will not tolerate packs that flee from encounters where they aren't clearly overmatched. He also demands that his children battle against monsters, wicked spirits and the forces of decay wherever they can.