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The Trash heap is an Incarna of garbage. Its consciousness has spread across junkyards and landfills throughout the world. These individual Heaps contain a personality based on psychic impressions of all the people, places, and things that interacted with its garbage. Garou packs dedicate themselves to individual Heaps, which are representatives of the One True Heap. Some believe the Incarna’s consciousness exists in an obscure Umbral Near Realm, one that allows Garou to sort through the “psychic dumping ground” of every piece of trash of the world. Other tales relate that this nexus allows werewolves to “dumpster dive” between the world’s most powerful Heaps.

Traits Edit

Once each cycle of the moon, the all-seeing, all-knowing Trash Heap will answer one question posed by the pack. The rest of the month, if each pack member carries a chunk of garbage offered by the Heap, they can always communicate with each other. (Tin cans are an obvious choice for this boon.) As an added bonus, the pack receives Enigmas 2 and Investigation 2; the Trash Heap’s followers are good at finding information if they dig deep enough.

Ban Edit

At each full moon, the pack must declare one great trash heap as their home. They must then protect it and carry out the requests of the Totem-spirit within it.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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