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Some Fury packs follow the path of the Art Spirits, who carry with them creativity, skill, and wisdom. The Muses – there are nine – collectively choose a pack, passing their blessings to the most worthy Furies. The Muses are not responsible for the sacred creative impulse. They teach the craft and form of their arts, but they cannot engender the act of creation. That is reserved for mortals alone, be they human or Garou. In the ancient days, it is said, the Muses were separate totem spirits, each responsible for their own small group of packs, but on the cusp of the Apocalypse, there are not enough Fury packs dedicated to the arts and learning for them to do so.

Traits Edit

Muse pack members each gain one permanent point to the Social Attribute of their choice and one point in Performance, Expression, or Enigmas. Each pack member will have a particular Muse to whom she is closest, based on the art form that she prefers. Calliope favors heroic and epic poets (Expression); Clio favors historians (Enigmas); Erato favors those who compose erotic and love poetry (Expression); Euterpe favors those who perform instrumental music (Performance); Polymnia favors the poets of the sacred (Expression); Terpischore favors song and dance (Performance); Thalia favors comic theater (Performance); and Urania favors astronomy (Enigmas).

Ban Edit

Muse packs must devote their lives to art and learning. They also must work to defend free speech and freedom of expression.

Source: Black Furies Tribebook 2nd ed

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