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The Monkey King is an ancient spirit, favored by the Boli Zouhisze but also popular among some Western packs.

Hatched from a Stone Egg, this spirit was originally not a king but merely a monkey, albeit one made from stone. But the nature of Monkey is irrepressible, and soon he has had studied under a Taoist wizard to learn the 72 transformations.

Still not satisfied, he confronted Heaven and demanded an office, and when he was cheated into becoming a stable hand, he fought Heaven itself and was only defeated when tricked by the Buddha. The King of Monkeys. God of Victorious Strife. The Monkey King is both student and warrior, both the trickster and the tricked. He is a powerful totem, who champions rebellion and learning.

Traits Edit

A stealth escape artist, the Monkey King teaches his students the Gift: Blur of the Milky Eye and Gift: Open Seal, and they receive a –2 difficulty bonus on all evasion or escape rolls. They may also purchase Gift: Doppelganger as a Level 3 Gift, and may learn Gift: Speed of Thought as though it was a tribal Gift. Having learned under a Taoist wizard, the Monkey King is an excellent teacher and his students may purchase Abilities with one less experience point than normal. (The minimum cost still remains one.)

Ban Edit

The Monkey King is a rebel spirit, and demands that his students never stand for the curtailing of another's freedom. Although he allows for imprisonment of servants of the Centipede (Wyrm) he will not tolerate forcing a spirit into servitude within a fetish. This also includes human’s rights, and he is fond of Glass Walkers interested in political causes such as freedom of speech or oppressed peoples. The Monkey King also never forgot the monkeys whom he first ruled, his students lose Honor if they abandon someone they have befriended or are responsible for.

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Rev

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