Strange, apparently natural crystals of surprising clarity that occasionally appear on the banks of the Colorado River and Deep Creek. Despite being broken or tumbled by the water's movements, these crystals are usually heptagonal (7-sided) and emit a very soft blue light in near total darkness. These crystals also emit a plenitude of rainbows if light is focused through them.

These crystals clearly contain some kind of energy. If focused on, this energy can be drawn from the crystal permanently; they do not recharge.

These crystals are only given out by wizards.

Effects Edit

  • A Mortal feels energized by having one of these stones. Their emotions are more easily stimulated, and they have the desire to create or express themselves. If they have any inclination towards the supernatural, that inclination is empowered (sometimes dangerously). Poltergeist activity is just one potential side-effect.
  • Shifters can draw Gnosis from these crystals (usually one point per). By having a crystal in their possession, or for several hours after using one, a shifter's frenzy difficulties are reduced by one (per stone).
  • Mages can draw Quintessence from these crystals as though they were extremely Dynamic Tass (1-3 points on average). This is raw, unrefined chaotic energy; utilizing it carelessly will have consequences.
  • A Vampire with one of these crystals in their possession treat it as if they had just ingested one point of Garou blood (for frenzy difficulties, etc.) without actually gaining that blood point. This effect stacks per stone. Theoretically a Thaumaturge could use the stones as power-foci of some variety, but this has yet to be tested.
  • Strange things may begin to happen to a character that carries too many of these stones. You have been forewarned.