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Despite their affection for American pop culture, Bone Gnawers don’t venerate a cartoon character, but the actual scavenger. Tasmanian Devil lends the Gnawers the wisdom and strength he once lent to his Bunyip children, giving them the resolve to fight on in the name of the fallen tribe. The Bunyip’s fate gives Tasmanian Devil’s packs all the more reason to survive.


All Garou in the pack gain the Gift: Hare’s Leap (once known to the Bunyip as Leap of the Kangaroo), Enigmas 2, and an increased affinity for the Dreamtime, which lowers the difficulty of all Gnosis rolls to cross the Gauntlet by 2. A pack dedicated to Tasmanian Devil also gains an additional five Willpower points per story.


Tasmanian Devil hates the Black Spiral Dancers for tricking the other Garou into wiping out the Bunyip, and demands that his children pass up no opportunity to slay a Dancer unless the circumstances would make such an effort nigh suicidal. In addition, the pack must strive to make sure the Bunyip’s legacy isn’t forgotten; this may entail anything from telling the tale of the Bunyip’s fall to as many listeners as possible to undertaking Umbral quests to reclaim some of the Bunyip’s forgotten Gifts and rites.

Source: Bone Gnawers Tribebook Rev

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