Subterfuge is all about figuring out the opponent's motivations and twisting them to your best advantage, while hiding your own goals and interests. This Trait often works with Manipulation or Wits to convince potential targets of your sincere good intentions. Characters with a high rating in Subterfuge are masters of clever conversation, knowing exactly what to say and when to say it to fulfill their goals. Most people wouldn't trust a master of Subterfuge — if they could recognize him.

x Untalented: Lying may not be alien to you, but you're not very good at it. You might be one of those people everyone laughs at because your face always squints during a lie. You have no poker face.

• Novice: White lies are easy to contrive.

•• Practiced: You've gotten quite good at intriguing pickup lines.

••• Competent: Hardened criminals follow your cues in their "not guilty" speeches.

•••• Expert: The slickest used car salesperson is putty in your hands.

••••• Master: They'll never figure out it was you, all this time...

  • Possessed by: Lawyers, Con Artists, Vampires, Holders of Secrets.
  • Specialties: White Lies, Seduction, Innocent and Needy, Intrigue, Masquerade (Vampires only).