This versatile Talent allows characters to blend into rough crowds, gather information and strike deals on the streets without attracting too much attention. Botched Streetwise rolls can be a source of real danger, but the streets can provide a wealth of hard-to-find items and gossip for those who are shrewd and careful. This Talent is the way to go to indulge in larceny, get the skinny on local crime and fence stolen items.

x Untalented: The guy on the street corner may look thuggish, but he could just be a slumming rich kid or a rich rapper on the town for all you know. Your ability to discern the nature and people of the streets is lackluster.

• Novice: You're aware those guys on the corner sell drugs.

•• Practiced: Most of the local thugs consider you on the level.

••• Competent: You could be a gang member or a successful madame.

•••• Expert: The streets are like a second home to you; not much there you don't know about.

••••• Master: You could be a powerful crime-lord with multiple organizations under your control.

  • Possessed by: Homeless Folks, Drifters, Criminals, Detectives, Beat Cops.
  • Specialties: Picking Pockets, Fencing Goods, Drug Deals, Gangs.