Sensitivity reflects almost preternatural senses that detects supernatural activity. From glimpsing auras and feeling the tickle of Glamour to growing uneasy from the nearby presence of the undead, Sensitivity allows a character to know and note the existance of things outside the mundane. Keep in mind, however, that just because a character can sense Glamour (or Magic, etc.), this doesn't mean they will know what they are seeing without experience or dots in Lore (or some similar ability).

  • Note: Although this is largely a Mage, Bastet, and Changeling ability, some Heroic Mortals and other Supernaturals do possess it, though the latter often tends towards their own supernatural disciplines and gifts rather than this ability. When Heroic Mortals manifest this ability, it is generally a big deal.

The greater the number of successes on a Sensitivity roll, the more the character can sense about her target. At lower levels of success, this just may be “funny feelings” about beings or objects. With more successes, she may note the specific supernatural nature of what she is studying. For example, she could discern whether or not the subject is human, alive, dead, or undead. The Talent also extends to affect spirits, animals and inanimate objects such as Fetishes or Talismans, as well as persons and things considered “invisible” phenomena. Sensitivity influences interactions with other creatures, since it gives the character information about their true nature.

x Untalented: You may be open to the possibility of the Supernatural, but the Universe has yet to gift you with the ability to sense the realm beyond.

• Novice: You often get weird vibes about people you meet or places you visit.

•• Practiced: No longer do you buy into the notion that a rational explanation exists for the implausible.

••• Competent: You can see all things have an aura, and you've learned what different aura colors signify.

•••• Expert: You are constantly aware that humans are not alone; there's a whole world of unknown creatures and powers out there.

••••• Master: Restless spirits, walking dead, strange shapeshifters and all the odd events they bring with them flourish in the Tellurian. You regularly commune with the bizarre, learning new things with each experience.

  • Possessed by: Investigators, Psychics, Fortune Tellers, Gypsies.
  • Specialties: Aura reading, Talismans, Spirits, the Undead, Animals.