Used for gathering items and information through wits, connections, charm, ingenuity and the like, without personal expense. At least money-wise. Items may not be brand new or may not be exactly what's needed (but will always be adequate, even if a little work is needed) and information may not always be one hundred percent accurate and both may take time and energy to acquire. This is the art of obtaining when the cash is low and theft would only lead to trouble with the law. It's the art of knowing how to gain the confidence of someone who "really shouldn't be telling you this, but..." and starting and stopping rumors (be they true or not).

x Untalented: You wouldn't really know where to begin digging up useful items from a dump or sifting through gossip to get to the truth of the matter, but you can give it the ol' college try!

• Novice: The city dump is your friend, as is idle gossip. ("Jimmy said that Tara was following Tim around at the party!")

•• Practiced: Flea markets and auctions are at your mercy and you've started to learn /who/ to listen to for accurate information.

••• Competent: Your connections can get you lower-end items, such as small caliber weapons, or the hot chatter from around the water cooler.

•••• Expert: You can get larger, rarer items, such as art pieces or illegal weapons. You have your finger on the pulse of information in your environment.

••••• Master: You are a man who knows how to get things. Nothing, item or information, is out of your reach if you put in the effort.

  • Possessed by: Maiden Aunts, Criminals, Intelligence Operatives, Entrepreneurs, Travelers, Homeless, Gossip Columnists, Net Big Shots
  • Specialties: Illegal Goods, Sifting for the Truth, Vehicles, Services, Misinformation, Art, Technical Equipment, Rumormongering