This Trait represents your character's ability to win others over to her way of thinking. The method used may involve subtle mental and emotional seduction or even outright begging, pleading and cajoling. People with high Persuasion ratings tend to be natural leaders and advocates.

x Untalented: The art of turning others to your way of thinking isn't something you understand. You may certainly attempt to be convincing, but you have no knack or real effective ability to do so.

• Novice: You can be convincing through a concentrated effort.

•• Practiced: You pinpoint the hole in another's position.

••• Competent: A professional debater, you are always on top of any argument.

•••• Expert: You make others feel guilty for even disagreeing with you.

••••• Master: You say "Jump," and they say, "How high!"

  • Possessed by: Businesspeople, Demagogue, Orators, Politicians, Protesters, Visionaries
  • Specialties: Emotional Appeal, Fast-Talk, Guilt, Logic, Sympathy, Wordplay