Intimidation runs the gamut from soft, subtle "persuasion" to outright brute force. A character skilled in this Talent knows exactly how and when to apply pressure to make a target do his bidding. Intimidation is a powerful combination of words and deeds designed to cause a particular outcome. In the hands of a forceful personality, this Trait can be rather potent.

x Untalented: You are generally unassuming and have no knack for causing fear in others or otherwise coercing them with threats.

• Novice: Your threats are crude, but effective.

•• Practiced: That cold, hard stare of yours usually gets results.

••• Competent: Your combination of bitch-slapping and understated coercion makes others fear you.

•••• Expert: Even tough opponents think twice about earning your wrath.

••••• Master: Even werewolves may refuse to stand against your goals and desires.

  • Possessed by: Pack Leaders, Bullies, Officers, Drill Sergeants, Dictators.
  • Specialties: Veiled Threats, Good Cop/Bad Cop, Blackmail, Physical Threats, Revenge, Coercion.