A character can't get hit if he's out of the way, can he? Dodge allows a character to do just that: duck, dive for cover or take whatever action necessary to avoid an incoming blow. Players should indicate to the Storyteller in what manner their characters are evading potential hits. The description may give them a bonus, depending on the circumstances.

x Untalented: You may not lock up when the gunfights start, but you have no knack for determining how or where to get out of the way.

• Novice: You know enough to hit the dirt when bullets fly.

•• Practiced: You're capable of getting under cover in most situations.

••• Competent: Evading thrown objects is pretty darn easy.

•••• Expert: Only the most skilled martial artists can hit you.

••••• Master: Sometimes, you can actually sidestep bullets.

  • Possessed by: Police, Criminals, Martial Artists, Boxers.
  • Specialties: Finding Cover, Sidestepping, Drop and Run.