Brawl is the primary measure of a character's raw ability to use her body as a weapon; it is also a measure of battlefield awareness and experience. As opposed to Martial Arts, there are no moves or styles of Brawl that are specifically taught. This talent is a conglomeration of muscle memory, real-world combat experience, and instinctive knowledge of how to survive in a down-and-dirty fight. The character skilled in Brawl knows how to hit an opponent with all her might and bring him down as quickly as possible, while ignoring her own pain and loose teeth.

A fighter with any kind of real-world experience will have at least one dot in Brawl. Brawl may also take the place of melee for weapons that assist natural attacks (brass knuckles, cestus, and claws for shifters (etc...) trained in their use).

  • Note: A handy battlefield roll is Wits + Brawl, which allows a character to be aware of fighting, approaching fighters, and so on in the thick of a melee. For further notes on how Brawl and Martial Arts differ, see Skill: Martial Arts.

x Untalented: Punching is something anyone can do; punching well is another matter entirely. While throwing a fist is not beyond your ability, doing so in an effective manner is beyond your current capacity.

• Novice: You picked some fights in the schoolyard.

•• Practiced: A barroom brawl gets your blood pumping.

••• Competent: You've been in a fair share of fights, more often than not walking away unscathed.

•••• Expert: Professional boxers would have a hard time beating you.

••••• Master: Your fingers alone are deadly weapons, and when your fists come out, people die.

  • Possessed by: Police, Thugs, Soldiers, Werewolves, some Self-Defense Instructors.
  • Specialties: Boxing, Wrestling, Dirty Infighting, (NOT Martial Arts).