Athletics covers all kinds of athletic endeavors, whether formal sports or otherwise, such as running, jumping, throwing or swimming. A high Athletics score can represent a trained athlete or a naturally athletic individual who spends a lot of time in free-form exercise. Although Athletics is a versatile Talent, it still doesn't cover simple motor action (like lifting weights) or athletic endeavors covered by other Abilities (such as boxing, which is the focus of Brawl). It does, however, cover thrown weapons.

x Untalented: You can still, run, jump, and climb trees, but it's just as likely you'd prefer to stay inside. You have little experience and no talent for that active nonsense.

• Novice: Typical active kid.

•• Practiced: High-school jock.

••• College-level competitor.

•••• Expert: Respected professional.

••••• Master: Olympic or world-class athlete.

  • Possessed by: Athletes, Jocks, Kids, Outdoors Enthusiasts, "Extreme" Sports Nuts, Wild Animals.
  • Specialties: Specific sports, Acrobats, Climbing, Team Play, Swimming, Rock Climbing, Tumbling, Distance Trials, Pentathlon, Thrown Weapons.