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Sturgeon has an uncommonly long life span, sometimes lasting nearly 100 years. Because of this longevity, Sturgeon can often help a werewolf in contacting ancestor-spirits, using the strength of his memory to bridge the Umbral distance between living and dead. Sturgeon may be able to answer very old questions, but they are seldom speedy with their responses. Don’t rush a Sturgeon, or you will get nothing at all.


Sturgeon can subtract 2 from the difficulty of using the Ancestors Background, and may also subtract 1 point from the difficulty of learning any similar rite or Gift from an ancestor-spirit, whether that ancestor’s totem is Sturgeon or not.


Sturgeon is extremely sensitive to anything that taints Gaia, because he carries the effects of toxins with him throughout his long life. Children of Sturgeon are exhaustively dedicated to considering all possible options and priorities in the interest of maintaining purity, something other Wendigo find infuriating. Followers of Sturgeon that have the Ancestors Background sometimes find themselves unexpectedly visited by other Sturgeon ancestors, most of whom feel the need to add their own opinions to the weighing of any decision.

Source: Wendigo Tribebook Rev

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