This Trait measures brute strength. It represents your character's ability to lift, carry loads and cause physical harm. A person with a high Strength rating is usually larger and bulkier than someone with a lower rating. In brawling and melee combat, your character's Strength Trait is added to her damage Dice Pool.

  • Specialties: Lifting, Long Jumping, Strong Grip, Sustained Carrying

• Poor: weakling, lift 50 lbs., carry 20 lbs.

•• Average: normal, lift 100 lbs., carry 50 lbs.

••• Good: athlete, lift 250 lbs., carry 125 lbs.

•••• Exceptional: weight-lifter, lift 400 lbs., carry 200 lbs.

••••• Outstanding: Olympian, lift 650 lbs., carry 300 lbs.

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