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Though the Glass Walkers have largely fallen out of Stourbridge Lion’s favor, he’s never fallen out of the Glass Walkers’. Occasionally a pack impresses him enough that he agrees to take them on as his children.

Stourbridge Lion first became known to the tribe when the locomotive of the same name was tested in 1829. He appeared to the gathered Garou as a massive lion made from bolts, steel and steam, and that is still the form he most commonly takes today. Occasionally he also appears as a massive train, and still other times as a rugged Wild West surveyor. As a bringer of food and water, he is a Totem of Respect, a fact bolstered by his aid to other tribes during the Wild West period. That he has overcome enough of the other tribes’ fear of technology to be respected is a testament to his power.


Stourbridge Lion believes in distinctive personality but also in a firm sense of social responsibility, granting each pack member an additional die of Charisma as well as teaching them +1 Etiquette, as well as lending some of his natural speed and strength for +2 Athletics. Each pack member gains one Honor. Stourbridge Lion’s children can draw on an additional three Willpower points per story.


Stourbridge Lion demands that his children never use cars or motorcycles. He reluctantly allows his children to use boats to head overseas, but disapproves of planes.

Source: Glass Walkers Tribebook Rev

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