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It may be an anomaly to think of Skunk as a totem, but there is no question that such a spirit deserves respect – for obvious reasons. Skunk is a loner by nature, not often interacting with others. He is fearless because of his strong defense strategy, but is first and foremost a peaceful being. He is a quiet creature, unobtrusive in passing. However, his bold coloration that serves as warning is often also a giveaway that makes those around notice him immediately and withdraw.

=Traits= Followers of Skunk can use Skunk’s defensive strategies for their own with the Gifts: Odious Aroma and Gift of the Skunk. However, Garou who use it around the sensitive noses of other wolves and Garou will find their comrades making a hasty retreat from the immediate vicinity or struggling to act amidst the pungent smell. To keep their heads in moments of stress, the pack can call upon three Willpower points per lunar cycle. Packs under Skunk are often quiet and don’t stand out, using this to their advantage (+1 Stealth). Garou under Skunk’s watch are very mindful of their surroundings so as not to intrude on places they are not wanted. (+1 Alertness, +1 Etiquette)


Skunk does not approve of direct violence, and will not patron those who fight constantly or cause dischord. Because Skunk more often than not will defend then retreat from battle, Garou following Skunk are sometimes looked upon as less Glorious.

Source: Homebrew

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