Living off the land is more than eating fruits and berries or drinking from a creek. It also involves finding shelter, tracking and even navigating through dangerous territory. Characters skilled in Survival know basics for finding food, starting fires and staying safe in harsh conditions.

Note: Generally, characters using Stealth in the wilderness may leave easy trails or otherwise make themselves more known to creatures with high survival if the character's stealth does not equal their survival rating.

x Unskilled: You probably know the basics of how to make a fire, but how to execute this knowledge is beyond you without a lot of needless effort. Matches plz.

• Novice: You made it through scout camp.

•• Practiced: The edible berries and mushrooms are familiar to you.

••• Competent: You can read animal signs and brew natural remedies.

•••• Expert: The wild is your home; you feel at ease among all its wonders and dangers.

••••• Master: You can survive even in the harshest climates and poorest conditions.

  • Possessed by: Hunters, Lupus, Scouts, Explorers, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Rangers.
  • Specialties: Foraging, Tracking, Specific Environments (Arctic, Desert, etc.), Trapping, Camouflage, Herbalism, Hunting, Fishing.