Stealth is the knack of moving so that you can't be seen or heard. This Skill also measures how good the character is at making use of cover and shadow. When a character uses Stealth, GMs/Storytellers will probably have him match rolls against someone else's Perception; whoever has the most successes thwarts the other. Note that Stealth can be a bit different when used in the woods and in an urban alleyway.

Note: Generally, characters using Stealth in the wilderness may leave easy trails or otherwise make themselves more known to creatures with high survival if the character's stealth does not equal their survival rating.

x Unskilled: You've probably learned to sneak near the walls on a wooden floor, and can hide in the shadows in all black. (You may or may not be humming the Mission: Impossible theme in your head.)

• Novice: In full darkness with clear terrain, hiding isn't a problem.

•• Practiced: You know how to stick to the shadows.

••• Competent: Stalking and hiding is child's play.

•••• Expert: Dry leaves and twigs are silent under your feet.

••••• Master: If you don't want to be seen, you're as good as invisible.

  • Possessed by: Cat Burglars, Scouts, Hunters, Snipers, Assassins.
  • Specialties: Shadowing, Urban, Sylvan, Taking Point, Traps.