This Skill entails familiarity with the tools and techniques for picking locks, deactivating car or burglar alarms, hot-wiring automobiles or even safecracking, as well as countless forms of breaking and entering. Security is useful not only for theft, but also for setting up "the unbreakable system" or deducing where a thief broke in.

• Novice: You can pick a simple lock.

•• Practiced: You can hot-wire a car or bypass simple electronics.

••• Competent: You can bypass or disable house alarms or more complex electronics.

•••• Expert: You can crack a safe.

••••• Master: You could get a bomb out of - or into - the Pentagon.

  • Possessed by: Burglars, Security Consultants, Policemen.
  • Specialties: Safecracking, Hot-wiring, Electrical Alarms, Pressure Plates, Deadbolts, Cars, Traps.