Every good student or seeker of knowledge knows how to find information he needs or desires. In the civilized world, much of this information is available through libraries or the internet. A successful roll with this Skill means a character has ascertained where to get the information she requires. It doesn't necessarily mean that the information has been gained, though that is usually the case.

This skill includes the ability to do research in electronic databases and on the Internet.

x Unskilled: Wikipedia is your main source of information, as well as the magazines you get in the mail. Using the library's decimal system takes a lot of jotting down and wandering, but you can probably figure it out.

• Novice: The Dewey Decimal System has been mastered. You can use THE GOOGLE.

•• Practiced: You know the workings of most standard reference resources. Electronic databases no longer mystify you.

••• Competent: You have access to many private libraries. Utilizing private electronic databases is a snap.

•••• Expert: Given time, you could find almost any reference material.

••••• Master: If it's been documented, electronically or no, then you know where it is.

  • Possessed by: Investigators, Writers, Scientists, Editors, Lawyers, Academicians.
  • Specialties: Philosophy, History, Records, Formulae, Paper Trails.