Often paired with Charisma, Leadership makes one the kind of person that others support and serve. It deals with knowing what to say and how to say it so that the troops stay loyal in the heat of battle. Good leaders know when to give hard orders, as well as how to lead by example. Leadership isn't about tricking people into following. It's about making yourself into someone worthy to guide them.

x Unskilled: You might have good ideas, but you're not sure how to drive others to execute them.

• Novice: Little kids would do anything for you.

•• Practiced: When you talk, others listen.

••• Competent: In tough times, others follow your lead eagerly.

•••• Expert: You're a natural alpha who attracts followers with little effort.

••••• Master: Potentially, you could be one of the greatest leaders of a world nation.

  • Possessed by: Military Officers, Pack Leaders, Philodox, Executives.
  • Specialties: Noblesse Oblige, Combat Readiness, Motivation.