Good manners and social niceties are but a small part of Etiquette. This Skill is also used for general diplomacy, haggling and seduction. Knowing the intricacies of which wines to serve with certain foods and what to do when faced with six different forks is likewise part of Etiquette. The character using this Trait will be familiar with the culture in which he was raised, but the Storyteller may raise or lower the difficulty should the character be faced with traditions and mores that are not his own.

x Unskilled: You say please and thank you, and you clean up after yourself.

• Novice: You know when to speak and when to be silent.

•• Practiced: The difference between a black-tie and a white-tie affair is crystal clear.

••• Competent: A multi-course dinner with complex utensils doesn't pose a problem.

•••• Expert: Your manners and grace mark you as the ideal guest for any occasion.

••••• Master: Not only are you suave and debonair, others follow your perfect example, whether at the theater or the negotiating table.

  • Possessed by: Socialites, Diplomats, High Born, Business Executives.
  • Specialties: Diplomacy, High Society, Big Business, Wining and Dining, Moots.