You are skilled in various techniques that enable you to escape from bonds and restraints. This Skill is often used for entertainment, but it can also be used in real life, particularly when supernatural abilities or large shifter forms are not an options.

• Novice: Children's party entertainer; you can escape from loose or poorly tied bonds.

•• Practiced: Amateur entertainer; you can escape from fairly well tied bonds.

••• Competent: Professional entertainer; you can escape from handcuffs and chains.

•••• Expert: Star; you can escape from a straitjacket.

••••• Master: Houdini, baby. How do you do it?

  • Possessed by: Entertainers, Spies, Special Forces, Amateurs, Pulp Detectives, Sneakthieves.
  • Specialties: Magic Tricks, Ropes, Boxes, Locks, Underwater, Handcuffs, Showmanship, Silver Restraints, Arm Locks and Holds.