The Drive Skill is pretty self-explanatory. Having it means that you can operate any vehicle within your focus (cars, planes, boats, etc.). The greater your skill, the larger the variety of vehicles you can use. Your difficulty might increase or decrease depending on the vehicle, terrain and weather conditions. Note that riding a motorcycle is quite different than driving a sedan, and heading down a country two-lane road is nothing compared to a metropolitan beltway. The same sort of differences are true for boats and places; driving one is not the same as driving the other, and they all amount to different expertise.

x Unskilled: You probably know what the pedals are for, and you can drive an auto alright. You understand how hang gliders work, and rafts may be the extent of your boating understanding.

• Novice: You're not just a Sunday driver, as long as you've got an automatic. Hang gliders; you could take the controls and be talked down. Rowboats.

•• Practiced: A sporty manual transmission is lots of fun for you. Small aircraft and gliders. Motorboats.

••• Competent: You're capable of driving large trucks on long hauls. Commercial planes. Expensive Yachts and other mid-sized commercial vessels.

•••• Expert: Maybe you've even raced with professionals. Military aircraft; helicopters. Large commercial vessels or boat racer.

••••• Master: A daredevil driver or pilot, skilled with many different vehicles and terrain.

  • Possessed by: Truckers, Modern folks in Western nations, Cabbies, Pilots, Military, Police.
  • Expertise: Cars, Motorcycles, Sport Cars, Large Trucks, Personal Aircraft, Jetliners, Personal Boats, Commercial Boats.
  • Specialties: Dog Fights, Racing, Offroad/four-wheel Driving, Evasive Maneuvers, Stunt Driving.