You have knowledge of explosives and demolitions that allows you to build and set off all types of bombs. You know how to handle nearly anything: dynamite, plastic explosives, nitroglycerin, black powder, blasting cord, nitro cellulose, even napalm. Additionally, you know techniques for disarming explosives.

x Unskilled: You know bombs have wires, timers, a tendency to be stopped just before zero, and may or may not be strapped to a chest.

• Novice: Guy Fawkes. (You know just enough to get into trouble, you pyro).

•• Practiced: You know enough to cause serious damage to structure and lives.

••• Competent: Active, underground chemist.

•••• Expert: You blow up corporate buildings or military units for a living.

••••• Master: Structure is ephemeral.

  • Possessed by: Monkeywrenchers, Techno Geeks, Terrorists, Police Bomb Squads, Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Specialties: Dynamite, Plastic Explosives, Car Bombs, Bomb Defusion, Explosives Detection, Elementals, Grenadier, Time Bombs, Booby Traps.