Although they too are animals, humans think and behave far differently than most creatures do. It takes a special touch to deal with critters, particularly if they are hurt or frightened. Animal Ken represents this knack. With it, a person (or supernatural) knows how to speak and move in such a way as to gain an animal's trust. Without Animal Ken, even homid werewolves and similar shifters find that other creatures tend to be skittish and jumpy around them. Animal Ken is also necessary for training animals (such as working dogs) and for any specific activities that involve animals (such as leading a mule train).

This Skill also measures a character's proficiency when riding horses, camels, or more exotic mounts such as spirit-horses (that are still animal enough to respond to this Skill) or supernatural beasties. Further, a character's Animal Ken score dictates how well she can pursue combat while riding. If a character's Animal Ken score is lower then a used attack ability, use the Animal Ken score to measure attack instead.

x Unskilled: You can probably teach your dog to sit and stay; riding a horse on a preset track is doable.

• Novice: You can jump a low wall and easily manage previously domesticated animals.

•• Practiced: Basic obedience, track training, and riding are all no problem for you.

••• Competent: Jumping a high wall or breaking a wild beast for riding is no problem. Supernatural creatures may mystify you, but riding them does not seem impossible. You could also train animals for highly specialized work, like herding.

•••• Expert: Under your guidance, most animals can learn complex tricks and routines. You could win the Kentucky Derby.

••••• Master: Even the wildest animals seem attracted to your presence. Coaxing a wounded horse to jump a wide chasm at night is well within your ability.

  • Possessed by: Veterinarians, Animal Trainers, Farmers, Pet Owners, Ranchers, High Society.
  • Expertise: Canines, Horses, Felines, Feral Animals, Camels.
  • Specialties: Animal Training, Racing, Riding in Combat, Equestrian Acrobatics.