Character Concept Edit

First, read the page on Character Generation.

Next, regardless of what you are wishing to app, you'll probably want to stop over at the Werewolf Sphere and Sept of the Looking Glass pages first to get an idea of what the local IC climate is like before starting to design your character. Please also read the Timeline and Sept Timeline pages.

Choose a character concept, either Heroic Mortal (kin) or Supernatural. If Supernatural, choose a race (Bastet, Garou, Gurahl, etc.), and auspice, breed, and tribe as applicable (every race does things a bit differently).


Select Attributes Edit

Prioritize the three categories: Physical, Social, Mental (7/5/3 for shifters, 6/4/3 for unranked cubs and kin).

Select Abilities Edit

Prioritize the three categories: Talents, Skills, Knowledges

Choose Talents, Skills, Knowledges (13/9/5 for shifters, 11/7/4 for unranked cubs and kin).

  • Remember that no Abilities can be raised above 3 without spending Freebie Points or having appropriate justification that will need to be approved by an appwiz.

Select Advantages Edit

  • Choose Backgrounds (7 for shifters, 5 for unranked cubs/kin)
  • Virtues (7) - Note that all Virtues start with 1 free dot
  • Gifts (3) - Shifters only. One of each from a starting Shifter's tribe, auspice, and breed unless started otherwise in their splat books.
    • Note that there is a vanishingly small chance of any Shifter knowing any Gifts outside of their race, tribe, auspice, and breed. These things usually happen only through role play.
  • Numina - Kin only. These may be purchased only with freebies; see below.

Finishing Touches Edit

  • Record Willpower (Varies by race/tribe; kin start with 3).
  • Record Rage (Varies by race/auspice)
  • Record Gnosis (Varies by race/breed).
  • Record Banality (Most Garou tend towards Banality 6; City-oriented and the more traditional Garou tend towards 8+; Fianna and free-spirited Garou tend towards Banality 4. Choose which best fits your character).
  • Choose Merits and Flaws (maximum of 7 each).
  • Spend Freebie Points (21 or more)

Applying Edit

Once you've got all the numbers done, you'll need to come up with your character's backstory, their reason for being in Crystal Springs, that kind of thing. Feel free to create a page here on the wiki and put your information there for the wizzen to look over (feel free to look at the other character pages for examples). Once you have everything put together to your satisfaction, let Fenris know, and make sure to put the Character Concepts category on your page until the application is finished, in which case you should move it to Pending Characters.

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