Name: Sept of Twisted Iron

Location: Chicago, IL

Tribal Representation: All tribes welcome, but the sept is led by the Glass Walkers, in position as well as population.

Totem: City Father

Level: 3

Nature: Memory, History

Sept Alpha: Jerry Polasco, ~Blackberry~, Homid Elder Philodox Glass Walker

Warder: Ted Smitt, ~Carry-On-Wayward-Son~, Homid Athro Ahroun Glass Walker

Information: The Caern is situated under Millennium Park in Chicago, IL. The Sept also owns a fair number of buildings in the city, some for the Garou to live in, some for the sept to get rent money from. There are several business men among the Glass Walkers there, both Kin and Garou alike. It’s an open sept, guests are encouraged. They also tend to pick up more lost cubs than your average sept.

Former Residents and Visitors: Kennedy

OOC Contact: Puck