Rite of Winter WolfEdit

This solemn and bleak rite is performed by a Garou who is too wounded or aged to fight with his tribe. The Garou, upon announcing that he will undergo this rite, sits at the center of a gathering of his pack- and septmates. This meeting is an onerous, solemn affair during which the Moon Dancers sing hymns of the celebrant's life and deeds, and invoke the spirits for glory in the next world or life. The celebrant then slowly and proudly walks through the closed ranks of the tribe. As he passes his people, they begin howling a dirge similar to that sung during the Gathering for the Departed. Some Garou beat heavy drums or play mournful pipes as the celebrant drags himself to a secluded site where he ends his life, usually with a silver klaive.

Immediately after the suicide, the Gathering for the Departed is performed. This rite is most often performed by members of the Red Talons and Get of Fenris; it is almost unheard of among the Children of Gaia.


This rite is always performed at night and requires that at least three other Garou be present to acknowledge the solemn event. The weapon used by the Garou must be silver, although it need not be a klaive.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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