Rite of Wilderness ReclaimedEdit

This rite is performed by the Red Talon pack as a whole, and has no ritemaster as such. It is performed in an area that has been defiled by the Wyrm or the Weaver, and is a way for the Red Talons to lessen the blow. Those who are to participate in the rite stand in a circle with their noses touching. They concentrate, and each pack member slowly, over a matter of minutes, slips into a trance state. They then can see the blighted area as it once was, when it was dominated by the natural forces of Gaia. The Garou look at this scene of beauty and rightness for as long as they need, then one by one they break contact, and the vision fades. The Red Talons involved then usually dedicate themselves to returning the area to its natural state. Indeed, in the weeks and months after the performance of this rite, some manifestations of Gaia do begin to return, even if it is just weeds in an abandoned city block or a flower in an open-cut mine.


All Garou involved in the rite must roll Wits + Occult against a difficulty of the area's Gauntlet. If successful, they gain the vision described above, and the Gauntlet in the area is reduced by one until the next human being (or other nonnatural animal) travels through the area.

Source: Red Talon Sourcebook

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