Washing the SpiritEdit

(Level One) By going to water, attending a sweat lodge or performing some other sort of cleansing, the Wolf Changer purifies mind, body and spirit. He does so to make himself inoffensive, thus readying himself to speak with spirits and ask their aid. The rite shows the Garou's sincerity and respect to the spirits and incidentally cleanses him. Before undertaking greater rituals and rites, many Garou perform this rite so that no unclean or evil emanations sully him and leave him open to their influence or to inadvertently give offense where none is intended.


The Garou performs a cleansing ritual as usual, chanting his intentions to become a pure and clarified bing without stain. He states his good intentions, then makes a Charisma + Empathy roll (difficulty 6). Successful completion of the rite may, at the Storyteller's discretion, make subsequent dealings with spirits or the performance of other rites easier.

Source: Croatan Song.

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