Rite of WardingEdit

Level One

A simple precaution taken around any site of importance, this rite is typically performed before the guests for a taghairm arrive. By calling up spirits, securing the corners and entrances of the site and charging the safety of the area to Seline, the Bastet sets up an "alarm system" which bars the site against lesser intrusions and alerts the ritespeaker against greater ones.


By spending a Gnosis point, the ritespeaker ties herself to the place for the duration of the Warding. This Warding continues for one hour per success unless the ritespeaker either leaves the area or dismisses the guard. For as long as it lasts, any non-Bastet who enters the area triggers a mystic feeling of unease; the ritespeaker will not know exactly who or what the culprit is, but she'll know something isn't right. Intruders cannot enter a warded site at all without succeeding in a Willpower roll (difficulty is 5 + caster's successes) - the energies of the place simply drive them away for no explicable reason. Even spirits cannot pass through a warded area without alerting the ritespeaker.

Source: Bastet