Rite of Waking Waters (Level 3 Mystic Rite)Edit

This rite temporarily binds a spirit of healing, water, longevity or any similar spirit that might be in the immediate area into a well-crafted water skin that contains healing water. The quality of the water skin need not be on the level of a fetish, but no spirit is going to want to inhabit a poorly-created container. The spirit then maintains the warmth and healing nature of the water for a limited amount of time. When this time expires, the spirit leaves the skin, and the water loses much of its potency.


The rite begins with the rite master wading into a healing spring and filling the water skin while invoking their chosen spirit and flattering them with praise (Spirit Speech helps, but is not necessary if spirits in the area understand Mother's Tongue). The rite master then infuses the skin with a gnosis point, and rolls Wits + Rituals, difficulty 7 as they steps sideways into the Umbra (rolling against the Gauntlet as normal, or spending a point of Willpower). If either roll fails, the rite fails. If the rituals roll botches, the container is black marked by the spirits and may be used in no future rites. If both rolls are successful, a spirit will be waiting for the rite master in the Umbra. If the water skin is deemed acceptable, the spirit will then enter the skin and inhabit it for one hour/success of the rituals roll. During this time period, the rite master must remain near the container, or the spirit will consider its contract void and leave. Further, the rite master does not regain that spent point of gnosis until the spirit leaves the container at the end of the allotted time period, the container is emptied, or the container is destroyed. Each container always contains only one dose - enough to completely drench its target, up to Garou Crinos - regardless of capacity.

Any water that leaves a water skin empowered by this rite retains its power for only a few seconds, and so must be used immediately.

  • For mortals or non-regenerating forms, the water heals all bashing, and one lethal or aggravated/target stamina. Keep in mind lethal damages always heal before aggravated.
  • For regenerating forms, the water heals all bashing, lethal, and one aggravated damage/target stamina.

Source: Homebrew

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