Voice of the JackalEdit

This rite is performed when a Garou's behaviour has shamed not just herself, but her entire sept or tribe. When the ritemaster performs this rite, he blows a handful of dust or ashes onto the offender and speaks the following: "Because thy (cowardice/gluttony/selfishness/etc.) has proved thee to be of jackal blood, let thy voice proclaim thy true breed!" As the dust and words envelop the punished Garou, her voice changes. Thereafter, she will speak in an annoying shrill and piercing nasal whine until the ritemaster repeals the punishment.


Jackal-hounds, as such punished Garou are known, subtract two from all dice used in Social rolls. They also lose two points of Glory and five points of Honor. The ritemaster can repeal this punishment at any time, although for particularly serious crimes it may be made permanent (and the Renown loss always remains). Certain jackal-hounds have redeemed their true voices by completing a quest of great benefit to Gaia.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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