(Level Two)

Perhaps the gentlest Wyld rite, this serves to reconsecrate barren ground to the service of life and growth. Originally used to restore cropland salted by the Romans, the rite is used more frequently these days to reclaim lands that have been tainted with pollution or paved over and subsequently abandoned.

The rite itself is rather lengthy, beginning with chanting as two Garou stride the perimeter of the area to be affected. One carries a bowl of water, the other a bowl of blood (chicken blood is usually sufficient), and they sprinkle this on the ground as they walk. Ideally, the water and blood will run out as the Garou meet back at their starting point. According to tradition, if they run out beforehand, the rite is doomed to failure.

Any other Garou then cross the boundary of blood and water and make a ritual furrow from one end of the field to the other. No tools can be used in this labor, or else the entire effect is spoiled.


If the rite is performed properly, the site becomes much more Wyld-friendly and fertile, and may well actually produce life come springtime. In addition, Wyrm- and Weaver-creatures find themselves at a +1 difficulty on all rolls while in the newly consecrated area, and this effect lasts for a year and a day.

Source: Book of the Wyld

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