Rite of the TotemEdit

This rite binds a totem to a group of Garou. It is most often performed during the formation of a pack. During this rite, all Garou who wish to bind their destinies to a particular totem spirit must coat their eyes with an infusion of saliva and mugwort (or another substance holy to Gaia) and step sideways into the Umbra. In the spirit Realms, the ritemaster leads the Garou in a hunt for the spiritual spoor left by a totem spirit. Such evidence varies with the spirit, but is always found by Garou worthy of the totem's attention. Even tracking down the spirit does not guarantee success, for the totem must decide whether the Garou are worthy to become its fosterlings. An undecided totem may require a quest of the supplicants, though this is almost never required if the pack has just successfully completed a Rite of Passage.


Characters must purchase the Totem Background to benefit from this rite. Otherwise, the rite is simply not performed. However, as each pack member gets 1 Totem point per rank they hold, it is possible to undergo the Rite of the Totem without purchasing the Totem Background.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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