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Rite of the Three WellsEdit

The Get of Fenris take the Umbra every Samhain (October 31) to seek out the three wells at the base of Yggdrasil, the World Ash Tree. The Get claim that Yggdrasil is a vast splinter from the original World Tree of Gaia, whose three roots each draw energy and wisdom from one of the three facets of reality: Weaver, Wyrm, and Wyld. Some of the Get also claim that when the Apocalypse comes nigh, Yggdrasil will turn into a giant three-headed wolf or steed that will charge into battle with the Get, flames burning from its eyes, mouth and paws. Other Get claim they must find one male and one female human to place in safety in the tree's branches, for no humans will serve the Apocalypse and at least a few of them should do so.

The three wells are known as Urd (the well of Wisdom and the Wyld), Mimir (the well of Honor and the Weaver), and Hvergelmir (the well of Glory and the Wyrm). During the night of Samhain, the Get make a pilgrimage deep into the Umbra to reach one or more of these wells. It is sometimes said that Yggdrasil exists at the center of the Get's Homeland, but others say the tree exists in a realm all its own. Regardless, the ritemaster must successfully seek out a well or suffer the sept's wrath and great personal shame. Upon reaching a well, the Get are always faced with a challenge. The nature of the challenge varies, although combat is common (especially at Hvergelmir). If the Get overcome the challenge they may look into the waters of the well and catch glimpses of their individual fates, the fate of the tribe, and of the world as of that moment.

Upon their return, the Get quickly go over any images they have glimpsed within the wells, and the elders interpret their meaning. There is little if any squabbling over the interpretations, for the Get do not waste time on such things. Fate is the Fates, and the elders who are nearer to their inevitable embrace are best at knowing the minds of the fates.


If the ritemaster fails the roll, the tribe will be unable to locate the World Ash Tree. Two successes indicate the ability to find two of the wells, and three or more means the sept may journey to any or all of the wells. A botch means the ritemaster leads the sept into a very dangerous place in the Umbra where they are attacked by spirits of some sort.

Source: Werewolf Storyteller's Handbook

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