The Great HuntEdit

The Garou perform this rite every Midsummer's Eve. This is the time of the year when Helios stays longest in the sky and is thus at the zenith of his influence. Even as the sun's radiance unveils the protective mysteries of the darkness, so the Garou revoke all subtleties and allow their howls of Rage and power to fill the world. On this one day and night, the creatures of the Wyrm find it immensely difficult to hide from Gaia's warriors.

Exactly at midnight, just as Midsummer begins, the ritemaster calls upon Gaia to bring to the attention of the sept a creature or creatures worthy of the Great Hunt. In preparation the Garou chant, howl, and tell tales of bravery. Also common is a ritual bloodletting, wherein each Garou cuts herself and sheds some of her blood into a large bowl. The mingled blood is then painted in the form of pictograms on the forehead or breastbone of each of the hunters. At dawn Gaia sends the waiting sept a sign proclaiming the target of the Great Hunt. This sign may come in any form, from a vision seen by an entranced Wendigo ritemaster to a news story flashing on the screen of an old television in a Bone Gnawer caern. Although the person or creature chose by Gaia is almost always associated with the Wyrm, on rare occasions Gaia demands that one of her own be sacrificed in the Hunt. Only the greatest warriors are ever chosen as the targets of a Great Hunt, and Gaia only demands such a sacrifice from her children in times of great need, for the freed spirit of such a warrior is said to transform immediately into an avenging angel for Gaia.

The Garou have only until midnight to complete the Hunt. If successful, the blood of the fallen creature is spilled onto Gaia's soil (or into the ether if the Hunt takes place on the Umbra) as a sacrifice to Gaia. If the hunters fail to slay their quarry, it is considered a terrible omen for the coming year. Some Theurges say that no sept will succeed at the Great Hunt during the year of the Apocalypse. At the least, a failed Hunt means poor luck for the sept in the year to come. Anyone participating in a successful Great Hunt gains Glory. The danger of the particular Hunt determines the amount of Glory gained.


Garou participating in a successful Great Hunt gain three points of Glory. If the Hunt is unsuccessful, each participating Garou loses two points of Glory. In addition, the difficulty levels of all rites performed by the sept are increased by one until the next Midsummer.

Source: Werewolf the Apocalypse

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